Stay-at-Home Panda

Stay-at-Home Panda

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Looking to the New Year

There’s something about an approaching new year that makes us reflective. We think about where we were mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually 365 days ago, and every time it feels a little shocking just how much change can happen in a single spin around the sun.

And so we look forward to a new year, not only with specific hopes and intentions, but awareness that things will happen that we’d never expect- some good, some seemingly bad, but regardless of how we’ll judge our experiences, we know that in a year’s time, we’ll be different people than we are today. Not because we’ll strive to be or decide to be, but because the process of life makes us so.

We don’t always change in huge, noticeable ways, but subtle ones, like being more confident, but in a real and effortless way. Sometimes we simply find ourselves absolutely knowing something we once questioned, or no longer caring about things we once fretted over, be it the size of our chests, the good opinion of others, or what’s on the other side. Sometimes our change is as simple and beautiful as possessing a little more peace in our hearts and more love in our actions.

As I think about the new year, I look forward to the adventures and laughs, the challenges and surprises, but I also look forward to finding how it will all change me. Surely life will continue to teach its lessons of letting go, expanding, and trusting, and as it unfolds, I find myself anew over and over again.

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Amanda has a background in education, but now spends most of her time snuggling her kids, wiping their butts, and doing house chores in her underwear.

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