Stay-at-Home Panda

Stay-at-Home Panda

An adventure of triumphs and troubles as a mother, wife, and woman


I’m Panda, and I’m a hot mess.

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I’m that mom who you may see literally running through Target while pushing her children without any regard to social norms, not because I am a super-fun mom, but because I rush around a lot. I am the mom with crusty baby food caked onto the backseat of the car. The mom who is constantly digging in a bag looking for her keys or phone. The mom who will definitely leave something at your house when I simply stop by. I can’t answer my phone or respond to text messages like a normal person, because I just can’t.

I need a little solo time more than anything, but can’t seem to teach my children how to sleep. I believe in structure and consistency, but end up throwing applesauce packs into the backseat when I hear my son is hungry (just kidding) (kind of). I know how other people do these things. I’ve read just about all the materials that exist on the subjects. I just don’t know how to do them myself.

I am that mom who is constantly searching for advice, tips, tricks, reassurance, and hugs.

Researching and writing about everything that encompasses motherhood is what I do. It is actually what I love to do. It’s funny that I spend my child-free moments this way, but I learned a few years ago that motherhood is consuming, and well, I’ve been devoured.

The purpose of this site to to share stories, questions, and insights. Motherhood is so much more enjoyable when shared with other women, and I would ultimately like to build a virtual community of mommies. We can learn from each other and take comfort in knowing that other people know exactly what we are going through. Please let me hear from you. Thank you for coming and reading. Please share a little about yourself or a thought below!


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