Stay-at-Home Panda

Stay-at-Home Panda

An adventure of triumphs and troubles as a mother, wife, and woman

About Me

A Little About Me:


I’m Amanda, a 30-year-old stay-at-home mom to two boys and wife to a resident doctor. I wasn’t one of those women who dreamed of spending her life home with the kids, and to be honest, I have struggled with it. In the beginning I had a hard time with the isolation that many new moms feel, and even as that went away, I still missed being something outside of “mom”. I missed getting ready in the morning, and going out into the world. I missed a little solo time, either in the car, on a lunch break, or hell, in the bathroom. I lost a sense of pride I had when I was a professional. However, through my struggle as a SAHM I have found my true passion and self.

Since the beginning of staying home, I wrote. It challenged me and gave me the sense of accomplishment I needed, not to mention, it is very therapeutic. I have found that I enjoy motherhood most when I am connecting with other moms, and I hope this blog does just that.

I try not to put myself in any boxes, but I’m kinda crunchy. You know- I feed my family organic food even though we can’t afford it, I clean my house with vinegar water, and apply the kind of sunblock that won’t really rub in.

I strive to parent in gentle and compassionate ways. That’s probably silly to say, because don’t all parents?  I believe they do. I think even the smallest of babies and trickiest of toddlers deserve respect and shouldn’t be talked down to or manipulated. I don’t believe there are “bad” children, but I know there are sleepy ones, hungry ones, confused, overwhelmed, and uncomfortable ones. I think punishments are usually overreactions, when children really just need to be told something. I believe in discipline and setting boundaries, but I don’t believe in making a child feel shame or guilt. That being said, I have slammed doors, roared in my child’s face, and let my Irish blood boil. Then, of course, I cry myself to sleep in guilt.

This parenting thing is a tough gig, and it seems impossible to do perfectly. From the beginning I was surprised to find that kids don’t come with a manual, so I will continue to make it up as I go.

Meet My Husband:

Isn’t he hot? His name is Josh. He just became a doctor, and we are living in Orlando while he does his residency. He loves to surf, play guitar, travel, and fish. We got married in 2011 in St. Maarten, where he was attending medical school. He makes life pretty adventurous, and he’s a solid dad.


Meet Javin- The First Born

He’s five and likes anything taboo like too much TV and too many lollipops.

Meet Asher


He’s two and likes to climb to high heights and jump off.

Together they like to run around the house naked with fistfuls of food,

and share enough love and cuteness with us to make it all acceptable.


  • Ilene says:

    Panda! This is so great! I love reading about the boys and what you all are up to. Let us know when you are in town so we can visit! – Jeremy and Ilene

    • says:

      Thank you so much i! Thanks for reading 🙂 Will definitely let you know when we are around. You must be getting excited for your wedding!

  • Isa says:

    I love your description with your mini teenager 3 years old lol I Identify with Jacob a lot, who learned last 2 weeks to ask WHY? o gosh noooo! lol I miss you when i am reading all this wonderful chapter in your life. I am glad we had a great time in SXM. you are such a great writer.

    • says:

      I miss you and our SXM days…our long talks and our long walks. Your little one just turned one recently huh? Happy belated birthday Alex!

  • Jodie (Domengeaux) Schrier says:

    Hi! I just read your “About Me” and instantly had to share with my daughter-in-law who is raising two boys in diaper-phase. Your words will let her know she is not alone, nor crazy! Thank you for your transparency and encouragement! Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Jodie and I knew your mom waaaaay back when I was about 5 or 6. In fact she babysat me several times. My parents and your grandparents are dear friends from back in the “Conroe Texas” days. What a connection they had! I adored your mom (well of course and your grandparents too) and thought she was the prettiest girl on the planet. I remember wanting to look like her, have her hair, her skin, her laugh when I “grew up”. She was so exotic and had an incredibly beautiful spirit and wit. I hope she is doing well. Please give the Woods our love from the Domengeaux clan~

    • says:

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting and all your kind words! Jackie is my mother-in-law, and will be so very touched by what you said. Lots of love.

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